APIs Creating New Innovation For Industries And Enabling Data For Analytics And Artificial Intelligence .
Api Devlopment and Integration

API Life Cycle Management

  • Life Cycle Management of APIs from inception to implementation to retirement
  • Versioning (how different versions of the same API can be provided to cater to rapidly changing business and customer needs)

API Development

  • Rapidly discover and expose back-end data and services as APIs to app developers and consumers
  • Develop API proxies using easy-to-use UIs with drag, drop, and configure capabilities
  • Test and debug APIs through in-built consoles
  • Auto generation of API documentation and SDKs for multiple languages

API Access Control

  • Define usage quota and limits by application
  • Traffic throttling and Shaping (keep enterprise systems stable and available for users of APIs)
  • Content routing and blocking

API Security

  • Protection against Denial of Service and hacker attacks
  • Use of open standards for federal identification and authentication using oAuth and SAMl
  • API-key generation and management
  • Digital signatures, message envelopes, and encryption

API Mediation and Performance

  • Paging, caching, and message enrichment
  • Transform, route, and mediate (SOAP < - > REST and XMl < - > JSon)
  • Message parsing, validation, translation, and enrichment
  • Service aggregation, virtualization, refactoring, and process simulation

API Monitoring

  • Monitor SlA and Quality of service
  • Problem Identification including guidance in debugging
  • API Usage tracking & trend analysis (a key metric that helps propel or retire a function)
  • Audit trails

API Socialization

  • Self-registration and subscription
  • Access to documents based on the level of authorization
  • Blog, ratings, and comments
  • Incident ticket management
  • Social media integration (followers and rSS feeds)
  • Promote and test services

API Monetization

  • Define different plans and charges for API usage
  • Track API usage
  • Integrate with billing and invoicing systems